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Terra Photography Expeditions



We are Terra Expeditions AB, an adventure tour operator born out of a lifelong passion for photography, nature and mountains. 


Our mission is to design unique and handpicked photography expeditions, where you will reconnect with nature and your inner adventurer in a safe and wonderful way. We are strong believers in the power of storytelling and make our utmost to merge photography and videography with local cultures and nature to ensure the opportunity to tell real stories.


For some expeditions, we collaborate with other talented photographers that we can call friends. Everyone that we work with share our values and goals and will ensure that you get the most out of your trip. Depending on the adventure we access nature by most means, be it hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, helicopters, snowmobiles, or canoes (but we always prefer human-powered methods of travel).

Terra Photography Expeditions was founded in 2017 by Jonas Paurell and Veronica Rojas Paurell. Since then we have taken many hundreds of satisfied guests to the wilderness and back again safely. We founded Terra Photography Expeditions because we wanted to share our passion for the outdoors, nature and mountains with enthusiastic travellers just like you. We can guarantee that when you travel with us you are picking an expedition that we have dreamed, personally scouted, experienced and that now we want to share with you.

Who are we?

Jonas Paurell, Co-Founder 

My name is Jonas Paurell and I am a photographer, UIMLA Mountain Leader and explorer.

I grew up in between a great forest and the vast sea in Sweden. I spent my entire childhood running in the forest, climbing cliffs, cycling and painting. At the age of 13, when my dad gave me my first camera (a Pentax Program A from around 1984) and I subsequently shot a terrible series of still life pictures of a squashed banana, I knew that I had found my passion in the pursuit of creative expressions in 35mm, medium format and digital photography.

It has now taken well over 20 years to hone my photography skills from images of a squashed banana to something that I am proud of.

Way back, in my student days, I worked as a freelance photographer in the evenings mainly covering rock concerts, my spare days were spent working for Fujifilm and my summers working for retailer Scandinavian Photo (in the glorious 2000s when Canon Ixus with its 4MP was the hottest item). At some point I also had the honor to serve as the president for Uppsala University Photo Society.

However, it wasn't until 2016 that working with a camera became my profession as I started working commercially and also teaching photography workshops. Before this, ran my own corporate strategy firm specialising in growth and turn-around scenarios in Africa, and before that I was a lawyer for the United Nations.

Terra Photography Expeditions

My wife, Veronica, and I launched Terra Photography Expeditions with the idea that we would take people on expeditions to hard to reach places and show them the true beauty of our world whilst also photographing it.

It is my photography background together with my years in corporate strategy and 5 years working as a mentor in strategic management for Nottingham University Ningbo MBA programme that made me realise that I love teaching and helping people to evolve. Terra Photography Expeditions is the place where my passion for teaching and photography merges with dreams of sharing explorations of faraway places with other like-minded people. ​

Feel free to get in touch through our website or:


Instagram: @jonaspaurell 

Facebook: @jonaspaurellphotography 

Jonas Paurell- Terra Photography Expedit

Veronica Rojas PaurellCo-Founder

Veronica was born and raised between the Andes mountains and the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. She completed an environmental engineering degree and a master’s in engineering for sustainable development at the University of Cambridge. After working for years in her field, she decided to change her life, to what was her real call, the outdoors, and the adventure travel industry.



Veronica is passionate about trekking and mountain running and her dreams have taken her to explore the world. Veronica decided to be part of Terra Photography Expeditions because she loves beautiful adventures. She is the one who picks the beautiful lodges, hotels, great food! Veronica and Jonas envision the routes and the details of each day in an itinerary together to make each adventure unforgettable.

Instagram: @veronicarojas.u   

Facebook: Veronica Rojas 

Our Commitment to You and the World

We create photography expeditions for those who wish to find unique and meaningful ways

to explore and photograph our beautiful planet. 


Leave No Trace

We employ and advocate the Leave No Trace policy. The Seven Principles of the policy are the most robust and widely utilised minimum impact outdoor practices. Each Principle covers a specific topic and provides detailed information for minimising impacts. The Seven Principles: 

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare

  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

  • Dispose of Waste Properly

  • Leave What You Find

  • Minimize Campfire Impacts 

  • Respect Wildlife

  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors


Experienced and Qualified Guides


We only employ experienced and certified UIMLA International Mountain Leaders  and IFMGA Mountain Guides as Expedition Leaders. Your safety on the trails and in the mountains is always our primary focus.



Terra Expeditions AB

Company number: 559308-9351

Forsa Fjällby Vargen 12, Duved, SWEDEN

Telephone: +46704248899



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