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4 Jun 2023 - 15 Jun 2023

Ecuador: Andes to the Amazon

18 Sep - 24 Sep 2023

The Dolomites in Summer

1 May 2023 - 6 May 2023
Tuscany in Spring
A Photography Workshop with Andy Mumford

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Free Digital Lectures

Join us for our monthly digital lectures on photography and expedition skills!

I enjoyed one of my best trips in my life together with Jonas and Terra Expeditions in March 2020. We shared a fantastic week on the Lofoten islands in Norway in beautiful nature and were lucky enough to photograph the Aurora several times.


Marc Kleff, Germany

Instagram: @marckleff 

My wife and I joined Jonas and Terra Expeditions on our first photography expedition to Norway, in July 2019. As novice hikers and amateur enthusiast photographers, the idea of going on such an expedition was incredibly exciting. Jonas tremendous experience as a mountain guide as well as his passion and skill for teaching landscape photography made for such a rich hiking and photography experience.


Paul Kongkham, Canada

Instagram: @pnk_nsx

Terra Expeditions excel at expedition planning.  They also cater to the diverse needs of a global photography tour.  While each client has his or her own unique goals, Jonas and his team are able to manage the itinerary to match both individual wishes as well as those of the entire group.  This capability comes from an attention to detail from start to finish.


Tim Kirk, USA


Our Commitment to You and the World

We create photography expeditions for those who wish to find unique and meaningful ways

to explore and photograph our beautiful planet. 


Leave No Trace

We employ and advocate the Leave No Trace policy. The Seven Principles of the policy are the most robust and widely utilised minimum impact outdoor practices. Each Principle covers a specific topic and provides detailed information for minimising impacts. 


Experienced and Qualified Guides


We only employ experienced and certified UIMLA International Mountain Leaders  and IFMGA Mountain Guides as Expedition Leaders. Your safety on the trails and in the mountains is always our primary focus.

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