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What some of our amazing customers say!

A once-in-a-life-time experience! 

I joined Jonas and Veronica on a week-long photography expedition to Lofoten, Norway, in the summer of 2019. Jonas and Nigel Danson made an excellent teaching team while enjoying the islands and the midnight sun scenes. The experience was twofold. On the one hand, we learned about editing, composition, and expedition planning. And, on the other, we traveled to different locations and hiked to breathtaking places. Jonas was a great leader; he studied the sites beforehand and created the conditions to enjoy the hiking while getting amazing photographs. Always attentive and making sure that we all felt comfortable.

As my first expedition of this kind, I have to say that everything exceeded my expectations. The entire journey was very well organized from start to finish. I remember that when we got to our accommodations, I could not believe how nice they were! Having someone like Jonas’ with his traveling, outdoor, and photography experience let me enjoy the trip and focus on photographing. Some of those images are now are hanging on my house’s walls.

A trip I will never forget, and I can’t thank Jonas and Veronica enough for the fantastic experience. I am looking forward to my next adventure with Terra Photography Expeditions.

Benjamin Ibarra-Sevilla, USA-Mexico


Instagram: @el__chubasco

In the fall of 2019 I joined a Terra Photography Expeditions to the Swiss alps - a high altitude workshop focused on timelapse photography. It was a fantastic experience, and I learned a ton. Jonas is a highly experienced International Mountain Leader, and shared insights about the terrain and environment throughout our travels, which logistically was super smooth thanks to his (and Veronica's) thorough planning. He is also a highly skilled photographer, and taught me some really key concepts in areas like composition, choice of focal length, depth of field, and much more.

Jonas had thoughtfully selected the true time-lapse Guru Morten Rustad as our teacher on this trip, who enthusiastically shared his unique knowledge with us, day in and day out.

It was a high-paced, full-on mountain workshop, with lots of trekking and shooting, and not so much sleep. Just what I had hoped for.

I returned from this trip with great memories, and some incredible footage. Highly recommended - I am going again!

Aksel Gresvig, Norway

Instagram: @akselgresvig_visual

I have done two amazing trips with Terra Photography Expeditions, the first was to Greenland and the second to Lofoten. I would recommend any one considering going on one of their workshops to go ahead and book! Jonas does an amazing job of organising these trips and I thoroughly enjoyed my time, I came away with not only great memories and photos but more importantly, I left feeling more inspired about my photography. Jonas is an excellent teacher and irrespective of your skill level I believe everyone has something they can learn from him.

Clayton Buckley, Australia

Instagram: clayton.buckley

I went to Lofoten (Norway) last year with Jonas and Nigel Danson on a phototrip. It was a unique and unforgettable experience. This was largely due to Jonas' optimal organization and planning, as well as the guiding and support from him onsite. Jonas lives his job and is not only an excellent tour guide but also an experienced landscape photographer and nature lover with heart and soul. I would immediately book a trip again if the current circumstances would allow it.

Peter Schmidt, Germany

I had the pleasure of going to lofoten in Norway with Jonas and Nigel Danson. It was an experience I won’t ever forget. Jonas was an incredible guide and teacher. You can tell just by talking to him that he has a love and passion for photography and travel, that is very infectious. The whole time all they wanted was to make sure you came away with some fantastic photos and would go out of their way to make sure that happens. I couldn’t recommend booking an expedition with Terra Photography Expeditions enough. When these covid times get back to normal I will definitely be booking another trip!!

Alex Stone, UK

Instagram: @alexstonephotography

In Oct - Dec 2019 I was a member of a Terra Photography Expeditions to the Everest Base Camp,  Nepal. Everyone in the team was affected (to various degrees) by the most feared ghost of all mountaineers: the High Altitude Sickness! We all had it, from mild symptoms, like headaches, bad mood, lack of sleep and shortness of breath, to the more dangerous lack of appetite, sickness and total fatigue that urged evacuation by helicopter.

How you and your team deal with those difficulties is critical on determining the success (or the failure) to reach the EBC with enough energy and brain capacity to appreciate and capture the stunning unique landscape on the way. There, among the highest mountains, valleys and lakes on this planet, one has to rely totally on the expertise, experience and capacity of your Guide. Terra Photography Expeditions leader, Jonas Paurell, managed everything, in every detail, from the challenging logistics to the coordination with sherpas and partners, to deliver one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Thanks for everything, Jonas! Or “Bugs”?

Rodolpho Ramina, Brazil

Instagram: @rramina55 

Flickr: Rodolpho Ramina (the lone wolf photos)

I trusted my adventure of a lifetime to Jonas and Terra Photography Expeditions and was not disappointed! The month long expedition was very well planned, coordinated, communicated and executed upon. On top of that, Jonas is a great guy that was a pleasure to share this adventure with. Our days had the right mix of effort, fun and relaxation, combined with engaging conversation that were educational and also built great camaraderie amongst the group. All in all – zero hiccups and it was a fantastic experience! I’m thankful for having latched on with Jonas and team and look forward to doing it again in the future!

Per Farny, USA

I enjoyed one of my best trips in my life together with Jonas and Terra Photography Expeditions in March 2020. We shared a fantastic week on the Lofoten islands in Norway in beautiful nature and were lucky enough to photograph the Aurora several times. Jonas is a very experienced photographer and outdoor guide, very supportive and gives a lot of helpful tips. He is a nature maniac in the most positive way I can imagine. I'am really looking forward to join another adventure of Terra Photography Expeditions.

Marc Kleff, Germany

Instagram: @marckleff 

My wife and I joined Jonas on our first photography expedition to see the Midnight Sun in the Lofoten Islands, Norway, in July 2019. As novice hikers and amateur enthusiast photographers, the idea of going on such an expedition was incredibly exciting. Jonas immediately made us feel welcome as part of the small group assembled for this trip. His tremendous experience as an International Mountain Leader as well as his passion and skill for teaching landscape photography made for such a rich hiking and photography experience. In addition, we enjoyed making connections with many wonderful people with whom we continue to keep in touch. For anyone interested, I would highly recommend this experience. I would personally like to join more expeditions in the future.

Paul Kongkham, Canada

Instagram: @pnk_nsx

During July of 2019 I participated in a photography to Lofoten with Terra Photography Expeditions led by Jonas Paurell and with Nigel Danson. All arrangements for the expedition went smoothly, from airport pick-up, accommodation and leading us across mountain trails. Jonas had checked in with all participants before the trip, so nobody was unprepared for the trip or held the group back. There were 7 clients with the two instructors, so we were able to get individual attention to learning landscape photography when we needed it. Although Jonas is primarily the expedition leader he is also a fine photographer and teacher.

We stayed at comfortable set of cabins at an iconic location with great subjects to point the camera at within a short walk. There was ample room at our lodging to gather around Jonas or Nigel for their instruction on composition and image processing, as well as looking over plans for the next session in the field. Pace of the trips was good, with enough time for participants to search out their own compositions and to take advantage of moments of dramatic light.

For me, getting into the landscape on foot is a big part of my photography and the Lofoten expedition with Terra certainly met that goal. With Jonas’ research and experienced outdoor leadership I was able to concentrate on photography without worrying about the route.

I learnt a lot and enjoyed the trip immensely, wasting no time booking another adventure with Terra for this year!

Stewart Logie, USA

Instagram: @stewart.logie

The Swiss Alps time-lapse expedition was an unforgettable experience. Professionalism is the key! Detailed planning, engaging guidance with no compromises of safety from one hand, and fun from the other one, photography expertise in landscape and time-lapse. The variety of locations was perfect, with good preparation of the team way before the experience - it was a dream come true for me.

Besides the professional aspects, Jonas is a fascinating, knowledgeable person with a bold Worldview. During the long nights of time-lapse shooting - believe me, it is essential.
Thank you, Jonas and Veronica. I'm sure that we will meet again during another exciting hiking and nature adventure.

Emanuel Rosenzweig, Israel

Instagram: @emanuelrosenzweig

Jonas and Terra Photography Expeditions excel at expedition planning. They also cater to the diverse needs of a global photography tour. While each client has his or her own unique goals, Jonas and his team are able to manage the itinerary to match both individual wishes as well as those of the entire group. This capability comes from an attention to detail from start to finish. From locations, to meals, to travel, to social times, each event is well balanced with the right amount of time to maximize the best overall experience.

Tim Kirk, USA


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