Lofoten and the Midnight Sun - II

A Photography Workshop with Andy Mumford

7 August 2022 - 13 August 2022

Price: 3695 EUR 

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General Information

Expedition Highlights

  • Learn the skills needed to be self-sufficient in the summer mountains

  • Experience and photograph arctic summer landscapes

  • Photography workshop - A tailored workshop in nature and adventure photography

  • Two professional photography tutors - this means there will be a lot of time for group and 1-to-1 teaching. All levels and all cameras welcome

  • Benefit from a proven photography curriculum to quickly advance your photography

  • Safely explore the outdoors with a qualified International Mountain Leader

  • Learn how to safely navigate in summer landscapes far away from the marked trails

  • Experience a unique and wild landscape



Jonas Paurell

Creative Guide & Expedition Leader

Jonas is the founder of Terra Photography Expeditions. He has been a photographer for well over 20 years. He is a certified International Mountain Leader (UIMLA) that has spent a lifetime exploring the world's wild areas. Jonas will be leading the expedition.

Jonas loves working with developing photographers to strengthen their technical foundation and support them to unleach their inner creativity. Jonas achieves this through engaging lectures, educative assignments and hands-on teaching in the field.

More info here.

Andy Mumford

Creative Guide

Andy is a Lisbon based professional landscape and travel photographer. He is also a passionate teacher of photography and has been leading groups and one-to-one workshops for over five years, while his images and photography writing have featured in magazines and publications worldwide. As well as workshops and travelling he also produce regular videos about photography and film-making on his Youtube channel.

Andy's YouTube & Website


Get ready for an epic adventure to Lofoten, Norway, with photographer and YouTube creator Andy Mumford and photographer Jonas Paurell. Together we have put together a 7-day creative and trekking expedition and workshop to photograph and explore the unbelievably beautiful landscapes of the Lofoten archipelago. Lofoten is situated 200 km above the Polar Circle. The Lofoten archipelago is a photographer’s dream - foreboding ridgelines, sharp peaks, breathtakingly beautiful white and azure beaches, fjords, traditional red and yellow Norwegian huts, and of course the unforgettable midnight sun.

The expedition has been created with passion and enthusiasm and each location has been selected to ensure that you get optimal chances to get the photos that you have been dreaming about. The focus of this expedition is to enjoy some adventurous trekking, while we create great content and memories for life. This expedition only allows for a small number of participants who are joined by common interests for nature and photography to make sure we can travel as friends, rather than just travellers!

Day 1 | Arrival day

The team from Terra Photography Expeditions will pick you up at Leknes (LKN) airport. We will get into our vehicle and head for our fishing huts at Reine, which we will use as a base camp for the trip. Reine is ideally situated at the heart of the westernmost of the Lofoten islands. We will have some time to explore the area as we will want to turn our internal clocks so that we can sleep when the sun is at its highest (day time) and hike and photograph when the sun is closer to the horizon (night time). In the first “evening” we will have a first photography session of either a nearby beach or the village of Reine, depending on the weather. Following the photo session, we will enjoy our dinner at a local fish restaurant and our first talk of the expedition to make sure we stay awake as late as possible to enable the time change. It helps to come prepared for this time change already.

Day 2 - 6 | Western Islands

Northern Norway is famous for its rapidly changing and unpredictable weather, so we will plan our day treks as we wake up each day when we know what the weather gods will throw our way. For fair weather days, we will head into the mountains to scale iconic summits like Tjeldbergtind, Reinebringen, Justadtinden and Himmeltinden, to name just a few options. Once on the summits, we will await sunset to arrive to make sure we get the right light. For poor weather days, we hunt the bad weather systems as these often provides the best opportunity for photography, but we stay low focused on the iconic beaches that the Lofoten Islands has to offer, such as Skagsanden, Ramberg, Myrland and Storsandnes. For the event that we hit a fair-weather window, we will include a rest day or two where we stay low to enjoy the beaches as these merits a visit regardless of summit opportunities!

On a good weather day, we will enjoy a private boat shuttle to trek Bunes Beach, a remote beach where everything comes together perfectly. This beach is not as busy as some other Lofoten beaches in summer time due to its remoteness.

Day 7 | Departure Day

The expedition will officially end at noon with transport to the airport.


All Terra Photography Expeditions follow a proven curriculum that aims to teach the theory behind photography in a dynamic way that directly translates into easily actionable processes in the field. As we move through nature we also go through an introduction to the skills and knowledge required to be safe in the great outdoors.

Photography Techniques Covered on the Expedition

  • Storytelling - Telling stories and evoking emotions within the context of landscape photography

  • Composition - A comprehensive introduction to the theory of composition, including the elements of art and principles of design

  • Process - Learning and implementing a process to achieve consistent quality in landscape photography

  • Focusing - A science-based method for focusing to make your images sharp

  • Long exposure and filters - Long exposure and the use of Neutral Density (ND) filters, especially related to moving water and clouds

  • Panorama photography - exposing and merging multiple images

  • Multiple exposures and graduate filters - Achieving correctly exposed images in challenging conditions using graduated filters and multiple exposures (exposure bracketing)

  • Finding locations - Using maps, weather services and other tools to identify potential photography locations and times

Outdoor Skills Covered on the Expedition

We are first and foremost out to enjoy the mountains and to pursue the art of photography, however, as we are moving toward our locations there is always time to share some outdoor skills.

  • Planning for a week or more out on the hills in summer conditions

  • Summer gear techniques

  • Using safety equipment and emergency transponders

  • Map reading

  • Navigation with map and compass

  • Relocation with map and compass

  • Using sighting for fast movement

Additional Information

The Agenda, Weather and Daylight Hours

The weather in the Norwegian Mountains can change rapidly one hour to the next, so even though we have a planned agenda, this will be open to revision on the day. Each day we will study the weather forecast and the local maps over coffee to plan our day. Sunrise and sunset vary greatly throughout the year. This unique workshop has been timed to take advantage of the beautiful light occurring just after the night has started returning after the midnight sun. Sunrise will be at approx. 03.46 and sunset at 22.31.

Photography Schedule

Each day will have two main elements, one longer prepared photography session (one at sunset to sunrise) and one succinct theory session or discussion on a topic related to nature photography (see the Curriculum above). In between these sessions, we will work as photographers out in nature typically work - with a mix of reactive and prepared shoots. If we see something worth shooting (and we have enough time to reach our destination), we will stop and take the time needed to shoot it. The creative guides will be available to provide support and feedback during the planned and spontaneous sessions. The creative guides will have their cameras out and shoot together with the group to ensure that they have the opportunity to show the group how they would approach the scene.

Getting There and Back Out Again

The expedition starts at Leknes Airport. You reach it by flight from Oslo.


During this expedition, we will be staying in beautiful fisherman's huts next to the sea. They are ideally situated in an area with great access to the many stunning spots we will be visiting. Due to covid we only offer single room occupancy. The rooms are two or three in each hut and share a bathroom and a kitchen.


Meals are not included in this expedition. Since we are turning our working hours upside down - shooting in the night during the golden midnight sun and sleeping during the harsh light of mid-day - our food hours will be equally upside down. We will enjoy self-catered breakfast in our huts around 1-2 PM, find a good dinner restaurant for lunch around 6-7 PM (which will be other people dinner hour) and again have a light snack in our huts when we get back each night around 3 AM. Each hut has a small kitchen area where meals can easily be prepared and we will make several stops at the local supermarket so that everyone can stock up on breakfast and late-night snack essentials.

Leave No Trace Policy

Terra Photography Expeditions has a strict leave no trace policy. This policy is also applied to how we share information about fragile ecosystems that we gently and respectfully visit. This means that we have withheld exact locations from the itinerary. This is because we do not want to contribute to large scale tourism. You are welcome to get in touch if you'd like to discuss the itinerary before applying to join. Thank you for your understanding.

How Challenging?

Orange Level.png

This expedition has a Medium Effort Rating. This is a trekking expedition where we can expect 3-7 hours of trekking per day, with up to 600m of hight gain. Previous trekking experience is highly recommended. More info about effort levels here.

Price & Details


  • Guided photography sessions

  • Guided treks by qualified International Mountain Leader or Mountain Guide

  • All accommodation during the expedition: 6 nights in a private room in a shared fisherman's hut

  • All transport during the tour (except for those by foot!)

  • Private boat transfer to Bunes Beach


  • Photo equipment

  • Outdoor clothing

  • Transport (e.g. flights or train to Leknes Airport)

  • Insurance. All participants are required to have their own insurance appropriate for hiking in the alps, such as health, accident, mountain rescue, repatriation, cancellation, personal liability, etc.

  • Trail snack to eat on the go

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • All meals

Price: 3695 EUR

30% deposit due to secure your reservation, remaining 70% due 60 days before the start of the expedition. For single occupancy, please send us an email. Incl. VAT.

Participants: Minimum 5 - Maximum 7

Start: Leknes (LKN) airport, 7 August 2022, approx. 2 PM

End: Leknes (LKN) airport, 13 August 2022, approx. 11 AM

We reserve the right to change the itinerary without previous notice due to weather conditions, and unforeseeable circumstances.

This tour is governed by the Terms and Conditions