Circumnavigating Kebnekaise

On a cold sunny day in March 2019, Michael, Robert and I set off from Kiruna to travel by train and car to Vakkotavare Mountain Hut, which is a beautifully situated hut far from civilisation. From there the plan was to set out in the arctic landscape on snowshoes to cover a bit over 100km over 7 days. We planned to trek North, then East and finally South to circumnavigate Kebnekaise – Sweden’s highest mountain. The journey would take us past the mountain huts Teusajaure, Kaitumjaure, Singi, Sälka, Nallo, Vistas and then finally back to the closest road at Nikkaloukta, where we’d catch a bus back to Kiruna. However, due to bad weather with lots of snow and high winds we made the decision not

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